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General security awareness

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People who need a General security awareness course, ie. Drivers transporting air cargo, airport supplies or flight supplies, as well as contractors of suppliers and manufacturers who have access to air cargo, airport supplies or flight supplies.

The course must be taken through the individual company, so it is the companies that must enter into the agreement of the course. The following types of companies have employees who need the course:

  • Freight Agents (transport companies, hauliers, freight forwarders)
  • Well-known customers (manufacturers approved to make security checks for goods to be airlifted)
  • Catering companies (supplying food, magazines, duty free goods to aircrafts or cleaning on airplanes)
  • Well-known suppliers (companies that are approved to make security checks for goods to be delivered to airports or aircraft)


The course meets the requirements set out in EU regulation 1998/2015, section 11.2.7. The course ensures that you meet the requirement for a course in General security awareness for the companies that are part of the safety chain.


You’ll receive:

  • Knowledge of previously performed illegal actions in civil aviation, acts of terror and current threats.
  • Knowledge of relevant legal requirements
  • Knowledge of what is categorized as illegal objects
  • Knowledge of the purpose and organization of aviation security.
  • Knowledge about reporting procedures
  • Ability to respond appropriately to security-related events.

Method of teaching

The course is conducted as e-learning with quiz questions throughout the course, and with a final test which must be passed with 80% correct answers.


No prerequisite is required to take the course, in addition to being employed by one of the aforementioned companies


The student can expect to spend 2 hours on the e-learning course.


The course is available for 3 months.

Pris og info
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A discount can be obtained on several simultaneous registrations. Contact us at info@eakademi.dk for more information.

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